As a first-time owner of a multiple watch winder, you have to know how to use this device. Here, we want to share how to set a multiple watch winder based on the standard. The way you set the winder determine the performance of your automatic watches    

Turn the Crown 

The first thing to do is setting the crown. You are not winding a watch that has stopped. Because of that, turning the crown around 20 to 30 times. This setting will make this device follows the rhyme of your automatic watch.

Adjust the TPD 

Adjust the TPD or Turn Per Day is the next step to do after turning the crown. Ensure that you have placed your automatic watch in the winder before adjusting the TPD. For the first time, set the TPD to its lowest setting. Then, select the bi-directional rotation mode.  

Turn the Winder On 

When the crown and TPD of your multiple watch winder is ready.  Ensure that you turn the winder on over the next 48 hours or so. Don’t forget to check its performance periodically to ensure that the winder works accurately. 

This device has to work for 40 hours or so to reserve from the time it wounds. Ensure the time is still correct after two days. If it is so, the setting is the right one for your automatic watches. If it is not, you need to find another sett that fits your automatic watches. Resetting the winder by increasing the TPD setting and repeat the above steps. 


You have to reset the multiple watch winder if your watch time is not accurate after two days. Let say reset the winder clockwise only if the time is wrong. You also need to rotate the multiple watch winder counter-clockwise only if the time is incorrect more than two days.  

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