There are many organizations that finance abroad students when a study in Germany, include master degree scholarship in Germany for Indonesian students. For international students, get a scholarship while they are studying abroad is worthy as it can help them to support their financial even for their monthly expenses. There are several choices of German scholarship foundations to choose from.

Options for Germany scholarship to Indonesian students

  • Government-funded scholarship. There are DAAD scholarship and an Erasmus scholarship. These are government funded scholarship foundation for international students that study in Germany. These scholarship offer monthly scholarship towards the living cost expense for the applications.
  • Non-government scholarship. Heinrich Boll scholarships for international students. This is scholarship foundations that offer a scholarship for all levels in accredited universities.
  • Humboldt research fellowship for a postdoctoral researcher. This is the scholarship for scientist and scholars from any subjects and nationality. Students from developing countries and emerging countries can apply their Georg Foster fellowship scholarship.
  • University-specific scholarship program. There are some universities that also offer their scholarship program to international students. You may meet with FRIAS cofound fellowship program for international researchers, Hamburg University applied sciences master scholarship for international students, Heidelberg university that offers a scholarship for students from developing countries for study medicine or dentistry, and many more.

Tips to success in a study in Germany

While you searching for the best scholarship to study in Germany, then you also need to consider these tips below to success as abroad students in Germany.

  • Knowledge of German is not a must. There are wide ranges of international degree courses offered by German universities. These programs are taught in English so you will no need to know German to study in Germany.
  • Get to know where you can find low-cost accommodation. There are many types of accommodation for Germany international students. The most popular is the student hall of residence.
  • Look out for the special service package. Find out the Student service in Germany that offer service packages that prepared for international students. Sometimes the packages also included with meals, accommodation, and medical insurance arrangement. The cost starts from 158 to 358 euros and this can be booked before start the course, but remember because there are limited numbers available.

When you are interested to study in Germany, planning well on your target can help you to depict how you will go through the study. Read for the eligibility for a scholarship is the smart way for supporting your financial when study in Germany.

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