How is to study in the Netherlands for foreign students? The Netherlands is considered the most crowded country in Europe. Sure, it is because the country has so many immigrants from the outside. Most of them are students who want to achieve a higher level in this country. So, are you one of them who are also interested to study in the Netherlands? The requirements and qualifications can be different from one to another based on the college to choose along with the study program. But in general, the description of the registration procedure is as follows.

Diploma Evaluation

After sending the diploma along with other qualifications, you may wait for some weeks or even months. In this period of time, your diploma is evaluated by the college staff. It is to determine whether your diploma fulfills the requirements or not. Yes, the main important point in the registration, as well as the first thing to check, is indeed the diploma. So, make sure you have a good score and grade mentioned in your latest diploma. It is even better if the student also has a Dustch Diploma or a diploma that has been recognized by the Netherlands’ high institutions.


There are two primary languages used in the academic environment in the Netherlands; English and Dutch. So, no matter how heterogeneous it is the people there, you must be able to communicate in both languages. Particularly for English, you must have passed certain tests like IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge English. While for the Dutch Language, you must at least understand it passively.

The Preparation Year

Sometimes, you must be failed this year. You should not give up since all you need to have is probably the preparation year. So, make sure to use the year effectively like by taking courses and programs to study in the Netherlands.

The Numerus Fixus System

There are some study programs that are known to be popular in the Netherlands; they are Medical, Psychology, Economy, and some more. for those popular programs, there is the Numerus Fixus system applied. In this system, the acceptance quota is determined directly by the Dutch government. This way, an applicant with the best achievement tends to have a higher chance to be accepted. For better preparation, you should gather information regarding the programs with the Numerus Fixus System. Therefore, you can optimize your preparation and get more opportunities to study in the Netherlands.

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