University application letter can be touted as one of the most important requirements that could make significance when it comes to applying for job, university, and scholarship. But, what is the right formula to make the best University application letter? On the other hand, a university application letter is very important to show yourself. Other than that, it should not be too underrated or too showing off as well. In this article, we will show you what you need to do and what to avoid when it comes to how to write university application letter.

What to do

When it comes to writing a University application letter, you need to read the requirements. Some universities limit the number of words you can write for up to 250 words. In this case, you may start writing in Microsoft Word and count the word numbers. After that, you can paraphrase. Active sentences are preferred instead of passive voice.

The university application letter should also be connected from the first word to the end. It also needs to have a great structure. The first paragraph might be the place of you to introduce yourself. Your activities can be mentioned in the second paragraph and it should be related to the program you are applying to. Your intention on applying to the program should be stated in the third paragraph and the fourth paragraph would be about your future plan. Make sure each paragraph has consistency and continuity.

A motivation letter should be honest, personal, and straight. It also answers the questions What, Why, and How. Also, it also states why your skill and experience are eligible and related to the program you are applying to.

What to not do

After you write a university application letter, you need a break. Reading it over and over would not help you at all. On the other hand, you need a different perception.

You cannot focus on your weakness even if you are trying to be as objective as possible. This is your chance to sell yourself and convince the recruiters. This is why you need to focus on your strength.

Some people would get different perceptions when they are in different sitting positions. Other than that, you cannot copy others because it would not reflect your personality. Still, it should be relevant but you also cannot simply write “I have an extreme passion for the subject”.

This is anything you need to write and not write when it comes to writing a university application letter.

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