For people who are interested in joining a master degree scholarship in Europe, perhaps we can give you one recommendation that might be helpful for you in the future. Introducing the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme, a scholarship program held by one of the best countries in Europe: France (should be obvious from the name alone, though).

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme? What is that?

Developed by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, this is a scholarship program that will allow aspiring students to pursue their masters and PhD in France. Hosted at lots of French Universities, this is a scholarship program that you really have to apply to if you are in any way attracted to France. Annually, the application date closes in January on 11, so if you are interested in joining this program, go apply before the aforementioned date.

What are the majors being ‘served’

Might not incorporate all available majors in the world, but the biggest majors are all available here to pursue. Majors like engineering, law, economics and management, engineering sciences, and political sciences are all pursuable. If you are trying to apply for ‘unorthodox’ majors like gender studies or art, then you will have to be disappointed because there is nothing of the kind here.

For engineering, you will be able to pursue a Master’s degree. For the rest, you can pursue a PhD. If you are interested in furthering your law studies, this is the best place because there is no best place to learn about it then France, a country with lots of history concerning legal stuff.

What about the targets?

International students only, sadly. You cannot apply for this one if you are French, but there are still other scholarships to apply to, so do not worry about it.

How to be eligible for this scholarship?

  • Is not French and is a citizen of countries France got no beef with,
  • Is no older than 30,
  • Is not applying for other scholarships,
  • Has yet to be rejected by the program in question,
  • Must be able to communicate proficiently in the language of their choosing.

Fulfil all of that and you are one step closer to being able to join this scholarship.


While there are still other scholarship programs that you can apply to, this scholarship is considered the best one ever if you are looking for a master degree scholarship in Europe, which should give this program a lot of credibility.

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